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Save the ocean with Beach Board HK!

Beach Board Hong Kong is an exciting and educational board game that takes you on a journey to explore the beaches of Hong Kong. Dive into the world of environmental issues as you roll the dice, land on different beach spaces, and uncover the challenges these beaches face. With informative cards highlighting the issues and their solutions, players gain a deep understanding of the environmental impact and how they can make a difference.

Share knowledge, collect beach tokens, and inspire real-world action to protect Hong Kong’s beaches!

Discover, Learn, and Protect: Beach Board Hong Kong, where environmental education meets adventure!

— Hinako Nishi, Creator


We provide a valuable educational experience, raising awareness about the environmental issues faced by beaches in Hong Kong. Through engaging gameplay and informative cards, players learn about these challenges and effective solutions, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental conservation.


The game encourages active participation and interaction among players. By sharing information from the cards and engaging in discussions, players collaborate and learn from each other, enhancing their knowledge and critical thinking skills.


We empower players to take action and make a difference. By incorporating beach tokens that represent their contributions, the game instills a sense of personal responsibility and motivates players to participate in real-world activities like beach cleanups or individual efforts to protect the beaches.

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We donate our profit to marine environmental organizations in Hong Kong.

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Beach Board Hong Kong


Beach Board Hong Kong is a board game designed to educate and engage children about the marine environmental issues faced by beaches in Hong Kong.

The game combines educational content with a fun and interactive gameplay experience.